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    I am excited to introduce you to our newest brand, good hYOUman, now available at the Foundry. The fabric is bought within the United states and everything is cut, sewn, dyed, and screen printed in Los Angeles, California. 

    Good hYOUman was created to commemorate David Novek, by his son Brett, who says he was "the greatest man he ever knew". 

    What really drew us to this brand is how they encourage you to share your own story. You can do this by emailing them, and each month they pick someone to collaborate with and create a limited edition shirt. The shirt is then sold world-wide and a portion of the proceeds go to the charity of their choice! 

    This month they are sharing Liuva Campo's story. She shares about her boyfriend and the struggles they went through together. He was diagnosed with cancer, but never had a bad attitude. This positive outlook from him stuck with her, "You have the power to control your life by the way you choose to feed your soul and how you take on each and every day. I won't ever forget that." 


    Not only does this brand inspire you with it's simple yet encouraging sayings, but it motivates people to be positive. If you'd like a chance to enter our blog exclusive giveaway, comment about which GoodhYOUman shirt you love the saying on and what it makes you think of, and you will be entered to win a $25 dollar gift card to the Foundry!

    I absolutely love this shirt {pictured above}! it reminds me so much of my family even though they are a state away and can't be with me throughout my journey in Arizona. I know that they are always with me in my heart :) 

    As always comment below with any feedback... it is very much appreciated! 

    -Samantha & The Foundry Team 

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    • Brittany Fitzgerald says...

      The “I have everything I need” tank is one of my favorites. It reminds me of God’s grace and unfailing love for his children. In the months to come, I will be heading to Haiti to work with orphans.Just by looking at those words, I find hope for their future because God is all they will ever need!

      September 15, 2016

    • Kim says...

      In love with the Family over everything shirt! My family is and always will be everything to me!

      September 15, 2016

    • Sarah Love says...

      I love the “Get in Here” heart shirt. It obviously makes me think of hugging. I think with all the stuff that is going on in the world, we all just need a hug sometimes. We need to love people and be compassionate.

      September 15, 2016

    • Teresa Foster says...

      I would love a v neck tshirt that says get in here because I’m always telling my daughter that so I get a hug before I drop her off for school! Plus it looks sooo comfortable! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

      September 15, 2016

    • Nora says...

      I like their Cassie tank, and I’d want it to say “everything has a solution” a quote my dad always repeated to us when we’d feel stressed

      September 15, 2016

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